CCTV Software

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems offers a wide range of CCTV software for monitoring and analysis of CCTV footage.

Voltus Face Recognition Software

Voltus™ is a best-of-breed 2D/3D face recognition software application which uses off-the-shelf cameras and servers providing unparalleled accuracy on real world data in the most challenging of environments. The industry leading technology collects a myriad of data and applies the multitude of information to the database and generates timely and accurate results.

Licentia License Plate Recognition LPR

TPS LPR offers general-purpose license plate reading from digital pictures from any source.

From megapixel images with 12-bit color depth to standard CIF recording from analog CCTV cameras, the engine processes the information available from the source imagery with accuracy approaching that of a human.

Proper LPR functionality does not require expert training. The software intelligently adapts to most applications, including various plate types and lighting conditions, without requiring the tuning of parameters and settings like some competing platforms.
In optimal conditions, TPS LPR can exceed 98.5% accuracy.

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