Car Park Design Standards 2022

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Is the average vehicle getting bigger? Do carpark design standards need to change? And how does it affect the design of your car park? Get a rundown on the latest vehicle dimensions with our newly-released Vehicle Dimensions Report:

Download the Vehicle Dimensions Report PDF Here

What’s in the report?

This report emphasises the need to review car park design standards in response to the changing sizes and dimensions of vehicles. It highlights the importance of recognising the increased length, width, and space required for maneuvering modern vehicles. As a result, it calls for a comprehensive reassessment of existing guidelines to ensure that car parks can adequately accommodate these evolving vehicle characteristics.

Why download the report?

By downloading this report, you can gain insights into the changes occurring in vehicle dimensions within the national fleet, with a specific focus on passenger vehicles. It provides valuable information on whether vehicles using car parks have become longer or wider, if they require more space to maneuver, and if they have increased in weight. Moreover, the report sheds light on the need to reassess car park design standards based on these evolving vehicle sizes. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed design decisions that ensure optimal functionality and an improved user experience in car park design.

Why we prepared this report:

We have prepared this report to address the changing vehicle sizes and dimensions in the Australian market. By filling the knowledge gap, informing design standards, supporting future-proof designs, and enhancing user experience and safety, we aim to assist professionals in creating car parks that meet the evolving needs of modern vehicles.

How to apply the reports findings:

Consider implementing the recommended changes to car parking design outlined in the report. These changes aim to minimise the impact on land, structure, and construction costs. Prioritise maintaining appropriate bay lengths, increasing bay widths, adjusting aisle dimensions, and ensuring adequate space for disabled parking. These recommendations provide valuable insights and guidance for optimising car park design to accommodate the evolving sizes of vehicles and enhance overall functionality.

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