Automatic Licence Plate Recognition for Mobile

Virtual Parking Manager Parking Management & Citation Issuance Utilising Smart Phone Technology

Incorporating client needs with technology and technology with parking advancements, the comprehensive ViPMAn software was born. ViPMAn performs a number of parking management functions for both back office administration and in-field parking operations:

Citation issuance, Citation management, enforcement, payment processing, permitting, wheel chalk and all other essential patrol modules for a complete parking management and citation administration program are offered with ViPMAn.

REAL-TIME on board License Plate Recognition (LPR)

ViPMAn offers a platform with a powerful integrated LPR engine built into the handheld application, which allows for real time plate recognition. 

Read accuracy of 97% or better can be achieved at normal walking speeds. The engine is capable of reading from obscure angles while still achieving high read rates. The LPR engine is capable of scanning all Australian license plates.

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