Speed Humps

Rubber Speed Humps & Steel Speed Humps

TPS supplies a wide range of rubber speed humps and steel speed humps. Whether it's a rubber speed hump for a residential application or a heavy duty steel speed hump for a commercial loading dock we can handle it.

Rubber Speed bump Rubber Speed Humps

The rubber speed hump modules are manufactured from high quality, natural rubber and come in either yellow or black. When laid in an alternating pattern they meet the Australian Standards for colour, height, shape and ramp angle.  This speed hump is suitable for low volume traffic areas such as Town Houses or short term installations.



Recycled and Natural Rubber Speed Hump

Part No / Description:

SME50B: Economy Rubber Speed Hump 50mm module - black 
SME50Y: Economy Rubber Speed Hump 50mm module - yellow 
SMEC: Rubber End Caps - 1 Pair

Polyethylene Speed Humps

Plastic Speed Humps The Slo Motion Compliance Speed Hump is a modular speed control system consisting of independent modules each 250mm long with rounded end caps.

Compliance is manufactured from a high tech 'Linear Low Density Polyethylene' with solid colour. It will not fade, rot, rust or crack and has built-in prismatic reflectors for enhanced night visibility. Suitable for car parks, schools, shopping centres, factory complexes or anywhere it is desired to control the speed of vehicles.

Built to comply with Australian Standards AS2890. 1:2004 for local conditions.


Part Numbers:

SMC250Y: Slo Motion Compliance Speed Hump 250mm module - black
SMC250B: Economy Rubber Speed Hump 250mm module - yellow
SMC250E: Rubber End Caps - 1 Pair

Steel Speed Humps

Steel Speed humpsSlo-motion is a modular steel speed hump system consisting of truly independent super strong steel modules. The ends of each speed hump are finished off with a pair of end caps. These end caps are moduled from an extremely durable rubber, or alternatively, steel end caps are also available if preferred. Suitable for car parks, shopping centres or factory complexes.


Top Skin: 3mm floor plate Length: 0.5 - 1 metre
Width: 350mm
Height: 52mm

Part Numbers:

SM1000: Slo-motion standard duty steel speed hump - 1.0m
SM500: Slo-motion standard duty steel speed hump - 0.5m
SMEC: Rubber End Caps (Pair)

Heavy Duty Steel Speed Humps

Heavy Duty Speed Hump Slo-motion Heavy Duty is the modular speed control system for seriously heavy vehicle applications (Including B-Doubles).

Perfectly suited for transport depots, factories and terminals etc. Our super strong chassis construction with 6mm floor plate and 6 bolt fixing make our Slo-motion Heavy Duty virtually indestructible.


Part Numbers:

SM1000HD: Slo-motion heavy duty steel speed hump 1.0m
SM500HD: Slo-motion heavy duty steel speed hump 0.5m
SMEC: Rubber End Caps

One Way Tyre Spikes

one way spikes speed hump The Blade Runner is a one way access spike system that has independent retracting teeth for one way vehicle movement. The Blade Runner is ideal for hire car facilities and residential access restrictions where there may be an issue with theft of vehicles or illegal entry to the site.

The blade runner one way access spikes must be installed with the sign awareness kit BRSKIT. It is the end users responsibility to check with local authorities for permission to use spikes for their intended use.


Part Numbers:

BRS1000: Blade runner one way access spikes body module 1.0m
BRS500: Blade runner one way access spikes body module 0.5m BRSE Blade runner end caps (pair)
BRSKIT: Blade runner warning

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