People Counting System - Cloud Based

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems Pty Ltd supplies and installs a large range of people counting products and continues to lead the way in pedestrian counting technology using the very best in Thermal and video based technology.

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems Pty Ltd have supplied and installed the world's most advanced people counting technology into Australia's leading retail stores and commercial premises. Using thermal people counter sensortechnology and combined with data analytics software, TPS provide one of the most accurate and informative systems available on the market at an affordable price.

Thermal People Counter

Customer counting technology has long been one of the strongest marketing tools available to a retailer. The increased accuracy and ability to drill down reporting into minute increments, all from a cloud based reporting server, is what now makes people counting a necessity for any serious retail or commercial business.

  • Measure increases in customer traffic
  • Measure sales conversion rates
  • Plan staff hours based on hourly and daily trends

People Counter Applications

The TPS People Counter System offers a range of software suites to suit numerous applications. The necesity for highly accurate people traffic and occupancy is vital for many industries, these include;

  • People Counters for Retail Industry
  • People Counters for Shopping Centres and Developers
  • Airport Passenger Counting
  • People Counters for Casinos
  • People Counters for Hospitals
  • People Counters for Commercial Office Buildings
  • Pedestrian Counting Surveys

TPS now offer cloud based customer counting reporting for your customer counting statistics. Data from our Thermal People Counters is pushed to our cloud reporting platform so that our clients can simply login to an online portal to access daily, weekly and monthly people counter statistics.

We also offer data hosting for our Thermal People Counters, this enables us to monitor the sensors in real time and provide a quick maintenance reponse ensuring 100% data integrity and upload.

People Counter for Retail

Thermal Pedestrian Counting Camera

The TPS VO4 people counting sensor is one of the most technologically advanced thermal people counting sensors on the market, now with IP connectivity which allows direct connection of the people counters in your buildings to LAN based systems for remote configuration and pedestrian counting data collection using IP infrastructure...

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Cloud Based Reporting Software

Cloud Based Reporting Software

TPS's Cloud Based Reporting Software brings all of your sales data and combines it with the data from your people counting systems, and Workplace Utilisation Sensors. The TPS cloud based people counting reporting tool can give you detailed visitor trends, sales conversion ratios and many other sales vs customer analysis of your business...

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Space Utilisation Technology

Space Utilisation Technology

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems supplies and installs Space Utilisation and Space Auditing Software for Universities and organisations seeking to make improvements on the use of space in their lecture rooms and commercial space. TPS Traffic and Parking Systems has developed a world first Space Auditing System with the University of Technology Sydney...

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We supply and install the TPS people counting system into all major cities - Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Townsville, Rockhampton, Cairns, Darwin, Tasmania, Hobart, Launceston

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