Parking Guidance and Signage

Parking Guidance and Signage

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems Pty Ltd supplies and installs vehicle counting and parking guidance systems.

We offer cost effective solutions for parking guidance and vehicle counting systems. Types of systems range from simple in ground loop vehicle counting systems with LED space counting signs, right through to the overhead bay detection for Parking Guidance and monitoring of indivdual parking bays.

TPS Traffic parking's guidance and signage systems are the highest in quality for vehicle guidance, and combined with the TPS counting systems this means that you can display to the customer exactly how many spaces are available. Parking guidance systems guide users to available spaces using a series of overhead red/green indicators in each bay. These sensors can be programmed in different colours to identify the various types of bays available to the customer making for a much more enjoyable visitor experience. 

The digital signs, which are available in a variety of display sizes, can relate to an aisle, a level, a zone or a building. As well as making for a much better customer experience, this also allows available parking to be utilised more fully and effectively, reducing congestion, maximising occupancy and optimising your yield.

We provide traffic & parking systems for companies both large and small

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