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Wheel Stops - Australian Standard Compliant & High Quality

Our rubber wheel stops and plastic wheel stops are made from recycled materials as well as being resistent to chipping and corrosion. They are suited to indoor car parks, outdoor car parks and perimiter control requirements. The wheel stops are 1650mm long and designed to stop the front wheels of a vehicle while still allowing pedestrian access between parking bays. The wheel stop height of 100mm ensures that vehicles with low clearance will not be damaged an issue common with concrete wheel stops.

Our plastic and rubber wheel stops are easy to install, the plastic wheel stops and the rubber wheel stops both comply with the Australian Standard AS2890.1.2004 which requires wheel stops to be 1650mm long.

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TPS Traffic and Parking Systems Pty Ltd prides itself on customer service and making business mutually enjoyable for our staff and customers. We are focused on delivering products and services that are tailored to the clients requirements using the latest technology and best suppliers from around the globe.

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian based company that specialises in car parking systems, access control products, security, CCTV & Retail Counting Systems. Servicing all major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

TPS is involved at every stage of the building project, from car park design and layout to Bollards, wheel stops, speed humps and access control using boom gates and card reader systems.

TPS can also provide parking solutions in existing developments where parking problems exist, using parking revenue control systems and various other types of access control.

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