Fixed & Surface Mounted Bollards

Our range of Surface Mounted Bollards and Fixed Bollards are available in custom colours and sizes. The TPS bollards are also available with chain rings and come standard with a reflective strip at the the top of the bollard.

Fixed Surface Mounted Bollard

TPS fixed bollards and surface mounted bollards are available in a heavy duty 5mm steel bollard or an economy bollard version with a 3.5mm thick steel wall.


New Release: Now available from TPS is the Economy Surface Mounted Bollards and In Ground Bollards, these Surface Mounted Bollards are made with a 3.5mm wall thickness and are a cost effective alternative to a 5mm wall surface mounted bollard.

Our Suface Mounted Bollards and In Ground Bollards are available in a wide range of sizes, all bollards are supplied with fixings, please specify the surface that you are mounting to when ordering.

TPS Surface mounted bollards have heavy fully welded base plates.

Surface Mounted Bollards with Chain Rings

The In-ground bollards are complete with welded concrete starter bars. Welded chain attachment rings can be supplied if required.

All TPS Surface Mounted Bollards and In Ground Bollards come with a reflective band around the top of the bollard post.

Surface Mounted Bollards

Part No / Description:

Economy Surface Mounted BollardsThe economy 3.5mm wall Surface Mounted Bollards and In Ground Bollards are available in the following sizes:

These Economy Surface Mounted Bollards and In Ground Bollards are available in a Powder Coated Finish or a Galvanised Finish.

Stainless Steel Bollards

TPS also supply stainless or custom stainless steel surface mounted bollards and below ground bollards in a range of different finishes. Please call us to obtain a quotation for your custom bollard requirement.

Stainless Steel Surface Mounted BollardsStainless Steel Fixed Bollards

'U' Bar Vehicle BarriersU bar vehicle barrier

U Bars are manufactured in two pipe sizes for different applications. U-Bar Bollards are ideal where independent bollards are insufficient such as in queuing situations. Our large U-bars are generally used as vehicle barriers, typically seen around car yards etc. Available in either surface mount or in ground designs they come in standard safety yellow or alternatively can be powder coated to a colour of your choice.



Part No / Description
BUB63SM: U Bar- 63.5 dia. surface mount
BUB63BG: U Bar- 63.5 dia. in-ground
BUB90SM: U Bar- 90 dia. surface mount
BUB90BG: U Bar- 90 dia. in-ground  

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