Vehicle Overstay Detection

Vehicle Diagram

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems Pty Ltd supplies and installs vehicle counting and detection systems, including, but not limited to the patented infrared and RF technology developed by Car Parking Technologies.

Smartspace Monitoring represents the next generation of parking control and management products from METER EYE. Designed to allow regulatory authorities and retail parking operators to manage their parking more effectively, Smartspace Monitoring offers an abundance of advantages over similar products available in the marketplace today.

TPS can install these vehicle overstay detection systems (Smartspace monitoring) in order for you to be able to both count the vehicles that are parked in your property, as well as if you use it in combination with TPS Vehicle Counting Systems you can know exactly what the traffic flow is ,in and out of your property.

Central to Smartspace Monitoring is the VDS (Vehicle Detection System) sensor unit. Using patented infrared and RF technology developed by Meter Eye, the counting system's sensor is housed in a robust moulded glass resin case designed to withstand even the most extreme punishment.

The vehicle overstay detection system's sensor unit is powered by 2 x AA lithium batteries for extended battery life, the VDS sensor, captures vehicle arrival, occupancy and departure data. It then transmits this data in real time using the free to air RF frequency spectrum to a repeater unit where it is captured and stored.

From here the data is available for further processing, reporting and analysis via the METER EYE RepNET database.

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