Pedestrian Counting Sensor for Retail

TPS V04 People Counter for Retail and Commercial

The TPS VO4 people counting sensor is one of the most technologically advanced thermal people counting sensors on the market, now with IP connectivity which allows direct connection of the people counters in your buildings to LAN based systems for remote configuration and pedestrian counting data collection using IP infrastructure and browser based applications.

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems has installed the TPS V04 People Counter Sensor into some of Austrlia's biggest retailers and commercial premises. TPS supplies and installs people counters for retailers Australia wide.

TPS will work with you to provide a people counting systems tailored to your requirements, whether it's a simple single door solution or a complete commercial solution utilising our Cloud Based People Counting Reporting, TPS has a People Counting Solution for you.

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Thermal People Counter The TPS VO4 people counting sensor also incorporates an in-built data logger providing a universal people counting detector. It is applicable to a wide variety of counting applications:

The key benefits include:

The TPS VO4 Series People Counter

The TPS VO4 People Counting Sesnor and TPS VO4 Node are people counting sensor devices with the imaging optics, sensor, signal processing and interfacing electronics all contained within a moulded plastic housing. The unit is installed on the ceiling in a downward facing direction detecting the heat emitted by people passing underneath as Infra-Red radiation collected through a germanium lens with a 60° field of view. 

V03 people counter One of our TPS VO4 IP ‘master’ people counters can be used as a single counting node which can be connected directly to an Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). Additionally, the IP master people counter sensor can be connected to a number of TPS VO4 Node People Counters to cover a wide entrance. Up to 8 units can be linked together to span the wide opening and these will appear to the user system as a single counter unit with a wide ‘footprint’. Only one IP address is required per people counter unit.

Both data output and counter configuration is handled via the IP connection. This allows true remote configuration and data integration via IP. Firmware upgrades to the counter may also be available periodically which can also be done remotely via IP. Configuration can alternatively be performed via direct serial connection to the master counter using the TPS Accessory serial cable. A serial to USB convertor is also included for other inputs to the people counting sensors

IP Interface Specification: Standard RJ45 sockets are provided on the rear of the unit for structured cable (CAT5) connection. Power can be supplied over the CAT5 with the TPS Power Injector accessory or directly to the power terminals on the people counter unit base. Power over the Ethernet (PoE) now also supported.

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