University Space Management

What is the Need for Space Management in Higher Education?

Space & Facilities Management is a core part of every university or higher education facility. Without proper planning and management of space within a university, it can lead to billions of dollars in wastage. A proper Space Management Solution will:

Space management solutions start by empowering you with an accurate grasp of space utilisation within the university, ensuring you can make informed decisions on future construction projects. It also allows for the implementation of energy saving technology where necessary. These factors will help you save billions over the long run.

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Space Planning Guidelines - Edition 3

Tracking & Reporting is key to Space Management

Unfortunately, most education facilities management procedures are out of date, leading to wasted resources. If your reports do not the following functionality, it likely requires an upgrade:

Case Study: University of Technology Sydney - University Space Management

In October 2011, Bryce Hutchinson, Senior Building Information Officer, from the Facilities Management Operations department of the University of Technology in Sydney approached TPS with a proposal to use people counters to automate reports of space utilisation/room usage in the University.

This led to a partnership between TPS Group and The University of Technology Sydney, which resulted in:

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University Space Management Solutions

TPS Space Management Solutions are innovative, and can be adapted to suit your particular needs.

Valuable information our solution can provide includes:

We measure these using:

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