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Traffic Light Priority SystemTPS has installed vehicle priority systems and traffic light systems for clients that have issues with car park access where only a single vehicle can traverse a driveway.

The use of traffic lights combined with a TPS Vehicle Priority controller and in ground loops or beam sensors enables buildings to be designed with a one way ramp or single direction vehicle access point. We have designed and installed systems for developments with up to 10 levels of basement parking. Ramp detection and waiting bays with our Vehicle Detection sensors allows for site specific programming to reduce prolonged waiting times to enter or exit the site.

The TPS Vehicle Priority Systems are commonly installed on developments where council stipulates a safe vehicle traffic light egress system for development approval. To assist in this process we also have a team of Traffic Engineers with years of experience in access design who can provide advice on system specifications and programming. 

See below a video that demonstrates a simple one way ramp installation of our Vehicle Priority Traffic Light System.

Traffic Light System Installation with Wireless Communication

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems has installed traffic light systems for construction sites that require two way access via a one way drive way or lane. This is an excellent solution that saves costs on expensive man power required for traffic controllers on site.

The system can be installed permanently or temporarily, the traffic light system is activated by vehicle sensors and can wirelessly transmit detection of a vehicle between the two traffic lights.


Our system will eliminate the issues associated with one way access into basement car parking. TPS Vehicle Priority Systems and Traffic Lights can be combined with our Access Control Products to provide a solution that restricts access to the car park and ensures the safety of it's users. TPS also supplies and installs boom gates which can be integrated with the vehicle priority system to control the access of vehicles into your site.

Traffic Light Vehicle Priority Systems

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