TPS Car Park Barrier Systems and Boom Gates

When it comes to security, boom gates are a necessary addition to any business or premise. A boom gate is a device that, when activated, will lift and block access to a certain area.

They are commonly used in places like car parks, warehouses and other areas where security is of the utmost importance. And when you need that extra security, TPS is among the best boom gate suppliers in Australia, offering a variety of different devices for your premises.

Boom gates are an essential part of any business or premise with a parking lot or driveway. At TPS, we supply and install the highest quality boom gates for our clients, ensuring their safety and security.

Our boom gates are designed to be sturdy and durable, providing years of reliable service. They are also easy to operate, making them ideal for busy premises.

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What is a Boom Gate?

A boom gate, also known as a barrier gate, is a security device typically used to control access to a restricted area. Boom gates are generally used at security checkpoints, parking garages, and other areas where it is important to control who has access.

The barrier gates typically consist of a barrier that is raised and lowered by either a remote control, a keypad, a proximity card, or a long-range RFID.

When the barrier is in the lowered position, it blocks access to the restricted area. When the barrier is in the raised position, it allows people to pass through.

Where are Boom Gates Used?

Boom gates are a type of barrier typically used to block access to a road or path. They are often seen at railway crossings, where they are used to block traffic while a train passes.

Boom gates can also be used to block access to checkpoints, parking facilities, and level crossings. Whatever their purpose, boom gates are an important part of keeping people safe and ensuring that traffic flows smoothly.

Why You Need a Boom Gate for Your Premises

A boom gate is an essential security measure for any commercial premises. By blocking vehicular access to a property, boom gates help to deter potential intruders and protect against unauthorized entry.

Also, barrier gates can be used to control the flow of pedestrian traffic, ensuring that only authorized personnel are able to enter a building. However, perhaps the most important function of a boom gate is that it provides a visual deterrent, making it clear that a property is well-protected.

TPS’s Boom Gates Designs

New Bionik 8 Boom Gate

New Bionik 8 - Up to 8 metre passage
Brushless 36v Dc
Up To 8 Meters Boom
Digital Motor Ac Oriented Field
1400 Duty Cycles Certified Per Days
Speed From 8 Seconds To 20 Seconds
Opening And Closing Time

TPS AG Boom Gate

TPS AG Boom Gate - Up to 6 metre passage
Up to 5,000 cycles per day
3-6 seconds opening time
Power supply at 230V AC 50Hz
Elliptical Pole ensuring stability in harsh winds
Radio Control to remotely control the gate as far as 80 metres away
Led Lighting operating as an opening/closing warning for pedestrians
Brushless 36V with ultra low power consumption to combine affordability with efficiency

Sentinel MB2

Sentinel MB2 - Up to 6 metre passage
A convenient and easy-to-use locking mechanism
The actuating operating handle allows for easy handling of the boom pole
Long lasting, strong and durable - the cabinet is made from stainless steel to resist the harshest weather and operating environments
The boom pole is supported in heavy duty industrial bearings and requires little maintenance

boom gateTPS' Market Leading Boom Gates are:

  • Australian Made
  • Various Access Control options including long range RFID
  • Suitable for high vehicle volumes
  • Installation Australia-Wide
  • Compatible with add-ons such as road spikes and ticket issuing

TPS Torque Motor Boom Gates can be supplied and installed with various access control options including: Proximity Card Controller, Keypad, Long Range RFID Reader, Keyfob Remote, Airkey. The TTM Boom Gate is ideal for high vehicle volumes in Shopping Centres, Hospitals, Warehouses and Residential installations.

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The TPS Torque Motor Boom Gate is one of the most reliable Boom Gates on the Market. TPS have been supplying and installing this boom gate into the Australian market for over 15 years.

We can tailor an access control solution to suit your requirement, from a simple Boom Gate and Proximity Card access with 50 users or a complex car park management system requiring payment systems and invoice management, TPS Traffic and Parking Systems can handle it.

TPS Boom Gate Pricing & Options

Size Design Colour Pricing
3m 10 RPM output ratio (Opening and closing times between 3 & 5 seconds). 240V / AC Single phase, 80 watt torque motor. White - custom powder coat colours on request. Contact us for a Quotation
4.5m 10 RPM output ratio (Opening and closing times between 3 & 5 seconds). 240V / AC Single phase, 80 watt torque motor. White - custom powder coat colours on request. Contact us for a Quotation
6m 10 RPM output ratio (Opening and closing times between 3 & 5 seconds). 240V / AC Single phase, 80 watt torque motor. White - custom powder coat colours on request. Contact us for a Quotation

Automatic Boom Gate Add-Ons

There are a range of options and add-on features for the TPS Boom Gate and every gate is equipped with a logic control to enable custom site specific programming.

Options include:

The spikes and gates can be operated by many forms of access control equipment including card readers, airkeys and keypad.

FAQ - Boom Gates

How do boom gates work?

A boom gate is a type of barrier typically used to block access to a road, path, or car park. Most boom gates consist of two posts connected by a beam or bar. When the beam is in the horizontal position, it blocks the opening and prevents vehicles from passing.

Boom gates are usually operated by an electromechanical or hydraulic system that raises and lowers the beam in response to commands from an electronic controller.

In some cases, the controller may be activated by a button or lever; in others, it may be triggered automatically by sensors that detect the presence of a vehicle.

What are boom gates made of?

Boom gates can be made from a variety of materials, but most are made from steel or aluminium.

Boom gates are made up of a number of different parts that work together to control the flow of traffic. The main component is the boom, which is a large arm that is raised and lowered to block or allow access to roads or carriageways. The boom is connected to a pivot point, which allows it to move up and down.

A counterweight is also attached to the boom, which helps to balance it and make it easier to operate. When the boom is in the lowered position, a set of red and white flashing lights are activated to warn drivers of the obstruction.

How many types of boom gate are there?

There are two main types of boom gate: manual and automatic. Manual gates are the simplest and most common type, operated by a handle or lever. Automatic gates are either motor-driven or hydraulically operated, and may be triggered by a variety of devices including induction loops, barriers, or remote controls.

How much does a boom gate cost?

A simple boom gate install can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the type of access control required. More sophisticated installations which include payment systems and LPR cameras range in price and require expert advice.

Car Park Barrier System

TPS Torque Motor Boom Gates are Australian-made car park barrier systems available for Australia-wide installation and suitable for high vehicle volumes. TPS automatic boom gates are delivered in a range of sizes, allow integration with in-lane ticket processing entry stations and come with the most extensive list of options, add-ons and controls.

Industries We Serve

TPS automatic boom gates are designed as an integral part of car park management solutions for commercial and residential sites, car rental yards and retail parking areas.

Residential and Commercial Sites

Our car park barrier systems can be as simple as a Boom Gate with Proximity Card Access System with 50 users or a complex car park management solution integrating a payment system and invoice management.

Car Rental Yards

TPS car park barrier systems, integrating TPS boom gates and one-way tiger teeth, present an ideal security solution for car rental yards.

Retail Market

TPS boom gates and other access control systems are integrated with many Australian retail chains that use our traffic-related solutions to collect vital customer statistics and evaluate their store performance.

Options and Adds-On Available With TPS Automatic Boom Gates

All TPS boom gates allow opening and closing times between 3 and 5 seconds and are powered by a 240V / AC, single phase, 80-watt torque motor with a 10 RPM output ratio. Every TPM Boom Gate is equipped with a logic control to enable custom site programming. Other options and add-on features available with TPS car park barrier systems include:

Three Sizes of Boom Gates

By default, all TPS boom gates are covered in a white-custom powder coat. Other colours are available on request

Various Access Control Options

TPS boom gates can be equipped with various access control options, including Proximity Card Controller, Keypad, Long Range RFID Reader, Keyfob Remote and Airkey.


240V/AC or 12V/DC potential free contacts for ticket issuing.

I5 PE Beams

Photo electric beams can be used as an additional safety device or to replace the in-ground induction loops.

Aux Power

12V/DC 2A Power supply for I5 PE safety beams, relays, loop detectors and keypads.

Articulated Boom Gate Arm

Ideal for low clearance in underground car parks.

Folding Gas Strut Support Arm

Available with dampened boom arm support.

Magnetic Boom Gate Lock

Providing for 100 kgs holding force to reduce the risk of lock vandalism and unauthorised entry or exit by lifting or bending of gate arm.


Optional automatic and manual road spikes.

Adjustable Boom Gate Support Post

Reduces the risk of post vandalism. The pole can be securely locked with a pad lock when not in use

Folding 3 metre and 4.5 metre Gate Fence

The folding fence prevents access by pedestrians under the boom gate arm. The fence retracts and folds flat with the pole in the open position.

Companies We Serve

We install boom gates and car park barrier systems for small and large companies and strata complexes in all major Australian cities. Our clients are located across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart. Our featured clients include AVIS, Crowne Plaza, Kawana Shoppingworld, Sunshine Coast Council and UTS.

Australian-made • Australia-wide installation • Suitable for High Vehicle Volume • Most Extensive Range of Adds-Ons • Comprehensive Car Park Barrier System • Ticketing System Integration

We provide traffic & parking systems for companies both large and small

Some of our clients include...