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EV Charging for Hotels

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Adding EV charging to your hotel can make it the preferred place to stay.

If you’re considering installing EV charging at your hotel, there’s a range of benefits that make it a compelling inclusion for your property, as well as important considerations to keep in mind.

Why Offer EV Charging at Your Hotel?

There’s a range of benefits to installing EV charging at your hotel, for both you and your guests.

Attract a Higher Spending Guest

As uptake of electrical vehicles has primarily occurred in the luxury vehicle segment, providing EV charging therefore attracts a more premium-focussed guest. These guests will not only be more likely to spend on EV charging, if you do decide to offer it as a paid option, but also are likely to spend more on the other amenities offered by your property.

Providing An Elevated Level of Amenity

Like WiFi, breakfast, gyms and a pool, increasingly guests are looking to EV charging as a level of amenity required in order to consider a hotel their destination of choice; those who do have an electric vehicle will be searching and shortlisting hotels specifically on the basis that they provide EV charging.

By not providing EV charging, your hotel risks being discounted immediately by a growing market.

Positioning yourself as a Sustainability Leader

Lastly, the strong association between electric vehicles and eco-friendliness positions your hotel in a positive light, even for guests who don’t yet own an EV.

The flow on effect of this of course is that your hotel will then be preferenced by environmentally conscious guests ahead of competitor properties.

Considerations for Selecting Your EV Charging Installation?

What’s the best EV Charger for Hotels?

The best EV charging solution is the one that balances both the needs of your property and that of your guests. Things to consider include the location, if you offer it as a free or paid amenity to guests, and the durability of the infrastructure you choose.

TPS offers a range of chargers perfectly suited to the accommodation sector. Our range of chargers are renowned for their durability making the perfect solution for commercial applications, like hotels.

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Positioning Your Charging Infrastructure

One of the key things to consider when planning your EV charging installation is where it will be positioned.

The most pressing need will be wanting to install it where it will provide the best access and utility to guests. However you’ll also need to consider the existing electrical infrastructure to make sure that installation is possible.

Additionally you’ll want to factor in how the location impedes other functions of your car parking infrastructure and general traffic flow within the property.

Talking to an EV charging installation and parking expert, like TPS, is often a great first step to identifying the perfect location for your charging station.

Offering Paid or Free Charging: A Potential Revenue Stream

Like WiFi, installing an EV Charging Station at your hotel gives you the option to either offer this as a free amenity for guests, or as something that comes as an optional extra.

There’s a range of ways to facilitate this. Many charging station providers, like TPS, can install a solution that allows guests to pay for the use of your chosen EV charging infrastructure. Or of course to allow guests to connect to it for free.

Our Range of Hotel EV Charging Solutions

TPS provides a wide range of charging options tailored to your hotel’s needs.

You can learn more about our range of hotel EV charging solutions, or get in touch with an EV charging specialist below.

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Hotel EV Charging FAQs:

How much does it cost to install a public EV charging station?

Between $6,000 and $60,000 for installation, plus $1,950 and $3,000 for the level 2 charging equipment or $15,000 and $60,000 for the level 3 charging equipment.

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