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TPS Traffic and Parking Systems Supply and Install Automated Car Parking Revenue and Access Control Systems. We can design a system to suit your car park's requirements. TPS is an Authorised Dealer for Tiba Parking Systems, we have a team of Parking System specialists who can assist you with designing and implementing a site specific parking management system.

A Tiba Ticketless Parking System is the most efficient way to manage your car park. With it, you can increase parking revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

The Tiba Ticketless Parking System is an automated parking system that can utilise both ticketed and ticketless parking. Ticketless parking solutions use number plate recognition (NPR) to identify vehicles as they enter and exit the car park. This eliminates the need for ticketing, making the parking process quicker and easier.

The Tiba Ticketless Parking System can be used in a variety of car parks and industries to control traffic flow & revenue:

What is a Ticketless Parking System?

A ticketless parking system allows a car park not to require customers to take a ticket when they enter. Instead, customers can drive in and park their car. When they are ready to leave, they can simply drive out.

If outside of any included free parking period, the exit gate can be configured to automatically charge the customer's credit card for the time they parked. Ticketless parking systems are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a more convenient experience for customers. In addition, they also help to reduce congestion at the entrance and exit of parking facilities.

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)

Customers may seamlessly Auto Entry if using a Licence Plate Recognition Camera to identify and assign a plate to the system. Each vehicle entry time is recorded in the system to calculate the duration of stay.

The Touch Screen Auto Pay Station allows users to enter their licence plate number to select their vehicle. Entry time can be specified if the user cannot recall their plate number. Users can pay with Credit Card, with the option to configure the system to accept cash payments too.

The Licence plate is captured on exit by the lane cameras. If a customer has stayed within the a free period the Exit gate will open. If the customer did not pay for parking at the Touch Screen Auto Pay Stations, payment can be made at the Exit Station via the credit card reader.

Benefits of LPR Car Park Equipment:

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Ticketed Car Park Equipment & Systems

MP-30 Car Park Entry Spitter

The MP-30 is a modular, user-friendly ticket issuing device that is both fast and reliable. This device is perfect for monthly cardholders, as it has a TFT display and intercom to communicate with customers. These are the other features of the MP-30:

MP-60 Entry Station

The MP-60 is one of the latest and most modern entry stations designed to provide an easy way to control access to your car park. The unit comes with an integrated barcode reader that can be used to scan vehicle registration numbers, making it quick and easy to control getting in and out. These are more noteworthy features:

Parking PRO-M-T Vehicle Barrier (Boom Gate)

The Parking Pro-M-T barriers are an effective and reliable piece of car park equipment to control vehicle access to your premises. They're simple to set up and require little maintenance once they're installed, making them one of the greatest alternatives available today. What's more; these barriers are modern and equipped with the latest technology, featuring:

SW-30 Car Park Exit Ticket Verrifer

The SW-30's smart engineering system makes it the most dependable ticket dispenser on the market. This user-friendly exit ticket verifier processes paid and unpaid tickets. Also, it accepts monthly cardholders with a TFT display and intercom for customer communication. Here are all its characteristics:

SW-60 Exit Station

SW-60 is the perfect exit station for your car park. Other than looking modern and being compact, it is made out of stainless steel and has premium technology installed. Not to forget the increased security in the system to protect both your and your customers' data. Lastly, there are features, such as:

APS-30 Automatic Pay Station

The APS-30 station is more compact and easy to install than other pieces of car park equipment. This is especially the case in narrow spaces, such as elevator lobbies. Your customers will finish the payment process quickly, thanks to a straightforward interface. That's not it; there are many more advantages to the APS-30:

CPS- 60 Credit Card Pay Station

The CPS- 60 Credit Card Pay Station is a stylish and modern machine that your car park equipment wouldn't be complete without. This modern pay station accepts all major credit cards and payment methods such as NFC and Mag-Stripe. The CPS- 60 also features a built-in printer, so your customers can easily print out a receipt if they need one. On top of that, here is everything that this ticketless parking system offers:

Remote Car Park Management Software

Our remote car park management software features:

For more information on car park management, see our partner organisation, PriPark.

Hotel Management System Integration

The Hotel-Connect module provides detailed hotel guest transaction and summarized monthly usage reports including monthly summarised reporting of all room key usage and detailed reporting of room key activity. Future billing between hotel and parking management is quick and easy.

In addition, reports can be exported in several formats such as: PDF, RTF, MS Excel, etc.

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Solar Powered Parking Meter Parking Meters

TPS Traffic and Parking Systems provide supply and installation of parking meters Australia wide.

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